In 2020, Americans lost $29.8 billion to scam calls alone! Gabriel can stop them.


About 1 in 3 Americans fell victim to a scam caller in 2020. Typically, the caller will pretend to be from the IRS or mention your car’s expiring warranty. Truecaller found that roughly 59.4 million Americans lost funds over the phone in 2020. Another report found that 19% of these Americans were victimized more than once. 

Scammers are now making more calls, but there is a rise in the victim’s average expense as well. The average loss was about $500 per person, and this is the highest amount on record from Truecaller since 2014. 

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It is important to note that scammers are trained and have a high grasp on loopholes, the most current technology, how to get into networks, and, most importantly, intimidation tactics. 

Truecaller also noted that younger generations are becoming an easy target for scammers. Cross-generation statistics show that about 59.4% of men reported being scammed, compared to just 38.3% of women.

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The Federal Communications Commission now requires cellular providers to implement caller ID authentication technology; this may show a slight decrease in spoofing callers; however, the battle is not over yet. Scammers will not likely give up and find new ways around anti-fraud regulators. However, there are ways to make it more difficult for a scammer to steal from you. 

As always, never pick up a phone number from an unknown caller. Instead, screen your calls by allowing them to go to voicemail. Additionally, individuals should be more cautious of out-of-area caller IDs, let these go to voicemail. Finally, though spoofed calls from scammers may slow, there is no guarantee a spoofed number will not still target you. 


Here is how Gabriel solves the scam caller problem


  1. Gabriel automatically registers your phone in the Do Not Call/Do Not Disturb Registry and files complaints for you with authorities in 40 countries.
  2. App to app caller confirmation as an added layer of protection against Caller ID spoofing.
  3. You can choose who you want to block. For example, choose to block spam calls, decide to block all callers that are not in your Whitelist, decide to block international calls, and even block all private callers. 
  4. One of our favorite features is Purple Alerts, explicitly created to protect some of our most targeted generations, the elderly. Gabriel will notify you when someone on your favorites list receives specific scam calls or text messages, including phishing attacks from unknown senders. 
  5. Gabriel will not only protect you from scam callers, but we also went one step further by adding Spam SMS detection, which detects spam text messages and many phishing attacks, and allows you to report them to your phone company for blocking. 




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