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Artificial Intelligence based Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act, CAN SPAM Act, and Fair Debt Collection Act risk scores.

A.I. Generated risk score. Call, eMail and text with confidence.

Review scripts, save time and money and launch campaigns faster.

The Call Risk Checkr’s Machine Learning (ML) models were trained on eight federal laws including the TCPA, CAN SPAM ACT and FDCA, over 100 related state statutes and 10,000 state court cases to analyze your script in seconds.

What you get in each report
In seconds receive risk scores for every jurisdiction in the United States. The data is displayed on a geographic map enabling you to identify which jurisdictions very quickly will get you into hot water. A word risk map is also provided to aid you in developing informational, marketing and debt collection scripts to engage the market responsibility when you call, email, or text.

The result is the fastest, most comprehensive, and cost-effective risk management system ever.

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Call and text with confidence. Launch campaigns faster. Avoid litigation.

Call Checkr provides telemarketers, marketing departments, debt collectors and attorneys with the fastest risk scores checks and most valuable insights via cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models. Provide your script in the following formats:

  • Call: Dial into a phone number we provide
  • Upload recording: Upload a recording of your campaign in .wav, mp3, or mp4 format
  • Upload text: Upload a text of your campaign in .pdf format

Each report produced includes the following insights in seconds:

  • Risk Score – indicates the likelihood a complaint will be reported to the FCC, CAN SPAM ACT or FTC
  • Legality – helps determine the laws that are violated by your script in various jurisdictions. When available, historical legal precedents are presented
  • Sentiment- verbal abuse is prohibited by the Fair Debt Collection Act. The sentiment score evaluates language and voice inflections to quantify attitudes, opinions, and emotions related to a business, product or service, or topic
  • Word Risk Map – a strategy to help users design campaigns to avoid certain nuisance complaints and reduce litigation risk

Enhance your compliance program today

Use Call Risk Check’r and get instant access to AI-powered risk management tools

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